It constantly amazes me how territorial writers and artists can be over others using similar settings or characters to theirs. Frankly, its been my experience, that any one group of writers or artists can be given the exact same setting and individually they will produce significantly different products!

This is not copyright infringement folks, its creative license! This happens because no two writers or artists have the same creative vision. As an example, two of my favorite witch series have several things in common (see flow chart below). However, both of these authors have taken the basic premise and created two vastly different original series and taken their characters and plots in completely different directions.

To prove my premise, I'm going to challenge you to identify each of the series and the authors. The first 20 people who identify them both correctly, will get a free copy of my newest book (Warriors of St. Antoni). To enter, fill out the form below and return it with your answers. REMEMBER YOU MUST CORRECTLY IDENTIFY BOTH SERIES & AUTHOR! CONTEST ENDS October 1, 2017. WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED HERE AND ON FACEBOOK!



·       Financially struggling small town, semi isolated from large cities.

·    The town periodically has events to draw outsiders into it to increase it's revenue base.

·       Area has a significant history of weird or mysterous happings, that goes back hundreds of years.


·       A family of three generations of witches (or paranormally gifted individuals) live on the edge of the town.

·       The family has lived in the the area for many generations.

o   One elderly member

o   Three middle-aged members

o   Three adult members of the next generation


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