ETA: OCTOBER 31, 2019

Juliette receives an assignment from the Parliamentary Council that both excites and intrigues her. She and her companions are to learn about the Elder races and their colonization of the stars.

Accompanied by a diverse group of explorers Juliette soon realizes that there are many dangers on the unknown continent of Kitzingen. When the exploration team is confronted by refuges from a crashed life boat, she quickly spots a Thieves Guild tattoo on one of the three and is immediately suspicious.

But the dangers on the expedition are nothing compared to what awaits Juliette when she is reunited with her Clan. Her old enemy, the brutal and callous Van Doyle, intends to kidnap her loved ones.

He has placed is a bounty on the heads of Lady Katherine’s younger children. It is one his men intend to collect even if they kill to do it. Does Juliette have the courage and skill to foil his plans and save her siblings from him? Or will they disappear, never to be seen again?

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The next adventure in the Sword & Sorcery sagas of the Magi of Rulari.

A simple act of kindness dumps a young healer into a web of magic intrigue and war.

When Catrin arrives at the crumbling Wyvern Towers to unite Wild Magi Logan Silvermane aka the Weathermaker with his baby son, she discovers the place is in ruins. Logan is on mission to convince an old friend to accept the new Magi Accords. The Accords will free Askela's enslaved Magi from the tyranny of the Proctors and help keep the country safe from invasion by the nearby kingdom of Jacite. Can they succeed before a Jacite agent destroys them and Askela's best hope for peace?