Imaginative Realism

I am an avid reader of Science Fiction and Fantasy. As a result, I sometimes let my imagination lead me to create paintings that reflect those stories. Imaginative Realism means taking a fantastic or imaginary subject and portraying it realistically in art. Although myth, fantasy and science fiction are easy subjects for this group, almost any imaginary subject matter can qualify providing it is portrayed as if the subject is real or the action could actually take place: an alien landscape, a dragon, unicorns, other mythological creatures, images from Native American/Greek/Roman Myths, pets playing cards, dinosaurs sitting down at a table, etc.

How to Create Big Style in a Small Space

Turn a small room into a focal point of your house with these tips and tricks. Simple style and design elements will make the room look larger, help the free-flow of traffic and make your room a space you want to be in. mix a few key pieces to create the illusion of a larger abode. Deck your walls with a selection of modern, contemporary original painting or print sized to fit your room.


I painted this to celebrate Mother's Day. This painting shows a baby unicorn  sleeping in his mother's lap in the forest. Historically in art, most unicorns are male and  shown with virgin women, but I wanted to show a mother's love for her children.  There are so many legends about unicorns, most of them seem unrealistic to me. I always imagined that unicorns had family, so  in defiance of the "so called virgin legend" I painted a mother and her foal. This was kind of fun as I especially like to paint and draw horses. Getting the golden horn and hooves correct gave me the most trouble.