Landscapes – Seascapes -- Cityscapes

Landscapes, Cityscapes and Seascapes have a lot in common. They take you to somewhere you want to go or perhaps somewhere you’ve been.

How to Create the Perfect Beach House Décor on a Budget

Improve the natural beauty of your home with sea-themed accents, crisp whites, and splashes of bold color or the supple mix of shades like white, blue, and light gray can create a striking beach style. Start with a seascape that appeals to you and then jazz up the room with decorative accents like sand dollars, ropes, shells, corals, or driftwood decorations to create an ocean atmosphere in the room. Check out the Dollar stores and yard sales because sometimes they have these items, or you can go to your local craft store and pick them up.

How To Do Rustic Right

Urban Rustic is one of the hottest design trends today. Its based in the past, and yet it has the edgy and trendy look of contemporary design. Urban Rustic blends the new and the old, the hard with the soft. Tip: Always add contrast to every design element. If you feel you have gone too contemporary, warm it up with a painting or print reflecting old time values or if it feels too rustic, then jazz it up with a more contemporary print or art like an abstract or cityscape