ART STORE - Originals

5Th Dimension

$ 85.00 USD

8h x 10w. Acrylic on Board Expressionism and Imaginative Realism

Sunset Beach

$ 45.00 USD

7h x 5w, acrylic on board representational

Demon Realm

$ 85.00 USD

8h x 10w acrylic on board. abstract, immaginative realism, expressionism

Safe Harbor

$ 575 USD

18 x 24 Acrylic seascape (shipped unframed) of boats anchored in a cove

Bayou Dock

$ 45.00 USD

7h x 5w, acrylic on board, representational

Phoenix Rising

$ 35.00 USD

10h x 8w, acrylic on board, immaginative realism, abstract

Red Creek Crossing

$ 575 USD

18 x 24 Acrylic landscape. Miner/cowboy leading pack mules across a creek in the desert.

Ghost Town

$ 675 USD

30 x 24 original Acrylic painting of wild burros in a ghost town. (shipped unframed)

Foggy Morning

$ 575 USD

18 x 24 Acrylic landscape of geese flying over Mendota Slough

Original - Street Vendor

$ 425 USD

Original Acrylic Painting. 18"h x 24"w, Acrylic on Canvas Includes $125 shipping costs & taxes

Crimson Forest

$ 35.00 USD

5w x 7h acrylic on board, impressionism, monotone

Pismo Beach

$ 475.00 USD

18 x 24 acrylic painting of Pismo beach. unframed. Shipping: $25.00

ORIGINAL ART: TO VIEW MORE OF GAIL'S ORIGINALS, CLICK HERE  If  you are interested in purchasing any of the art not shown in the Art Store, please contact Gail . Fill in the information below and click the buy now button. Any pricing on the Original pieces shown are subject to change. Additional shipping and handling charges are applied depending on the weight, size of the art and the distance to be shipped. Art will only be shipped after the payment has been verified. 

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TIP: How to Build a Room Around a Signature Piece of Art\

One of the boldest ways to customize your home is with a signature art piece. The piece you choose will be the one feature to express the right ambiance of your home. Signature pieces work to create main focal points within a room by adding style, a desired element of interest, and even fun into an otherwise barren, uninteresting space.


Small changes make a big difference in a room, especially when they're a part of something you use on a daily basis. Change Your Switch Plates--Switch plates are usually white or a pale neutral, but they're a great place to take a risk with a bit of shiny metal, color, or a pattern . You can use 3M adhesive strips for hanging Art or attaching wallpaper so you don’t damage the walls when you remove it. Put a small piece of art in a corner or a nook. Prints and other décor items from Fine Art America can be ordered in any size you need to fill a small space. Turn a throw pillow or a shower curtain into a work of art. Practically every room in the house could use a throw pillow.