Vintage & Romance

A good Vintage art piece always tells a story. My favorite periods in history are the renaissance and middle ages, early America and the 1920s. I hope you enjoy these paintings as much as I enjoyed creating them. Romance can also be modern. I have done several paintings using ballroom dancers as models.

 I hope you enjoy these paintings as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Your Luxurious Living Room: Small Changes You Can Make Today for Big Impact

Small changes make a big difference in a room, especially when they're a part of something you use on a daily basis. Tip: Change Your Switch Plates--Switch plates are usually white or a pale neutral, but they're a great place to take a risk with a bit of shiny metal, color, or a pattern . You can use 3M adhesive strips for hanging Art or attaching wallpaper so you don’t damage the walls when you remove it. Put a small piece of art in a corner or a nook. Prints and other décor items from Fine Art America can be ordered in any size you need to fill a small space. Turn a throw pillow or a shower curtain into a work of art. Practically every room in the house could use a throw pillow.

How to Build a Room Around a Signature Piece of Art

One of the boldest ways to customize your home is with a signature art piece. The piece you choose will be the one feature to express the right ambiance of your home. Signature pieces work to create main focal points within a room by adding style, a desired element of interest, and even fun into an otherwise barren, uninteresting space. Choosing a signature piece goes one of two ways; the ideal item will jump out at you, or you will struggle to find the right fit. A great rule of thumb is to choose a piece that means something to you, or its beautiful or a collector’s item,. If you really can’t find anything that matches any of these criteria, go for something that simply brings a smile to your face or reminds you of a memory. The size of your piece needs to be taken into account too, if it’s enormous add decorations that balance its size without making the room feel too full. On the same note, if your piece is tiny, surround it with small pieces to stop it from getting lost. All a room really needs to achieve some easy kudo points is a well-chosen signature piece or focal point that flawlessly reflects you. So don’t worry about what your friends and neighbors say, just go get the piece of art or print that you really want to make that boring space pop